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Please provide the names of the hotels that your MaddyBags will be delivered to. We will contact you by email the week before the event to confirm how many MaddyBags go to each hotel and if any additional information is needed. Please note that we only deliver to hotels in Greater Washington DC Area (DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia).
  • Box Size: 8'' x 4 7/8'' x 5 1/4'' Gable Box
    Box Color: Navy
    Front Label: Political Elephant and Donkey with Custom Text
    Ribbon Color: White
    Crinkle Paper: White
    Drinks: 1 Perrier Sparkling Water and 1 Fiji Water
    Snacks: 2
    KIND Bars, 1 3-Pack of Chocolate Covered Oreos
    1 Mini Altoids, 1 2-Pack of Advil
    Welcome Card: Custom text with optional blue border