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Answers to frequently asked questions about ordering your custom wedding welcome bags.

  1. What if I need delivery to more than 3 hotels?
    We are happy to accommodate as many hotels for delivery as you need in the DC Capital Area (DC, MD, N. VA). Our delivery charge up to 3 hotels is included in the price of the bags. If you need additional hotel delivery, please contact us by email to for a quote. 

  2. What does the stationary look like? 
    We have two types of stationary. Blue Text With Blue Border and Black Text Without Border. You can see the Blue Text with Blue Border on the Georgetown Bag page (https://maddybags.myshopify.com/collections/corporate-bags/products/georgetown) and an example of the Black Text Wihtout Border on the White House Bag page (https://maddybags.myshopify.com/collections/wedding-bags/products/white-house).

    If you already have a proof of the welcome note you would like to send, you can email it to us. Choose "Custom Stationary" in the drop down box when customizing your bag and we'll be in touch over email to receive the your stationary graphic.

  3. When does MaddyBags deliver?
    Our standard delivery time is 2 days prior to your wedding event. If your event is on a Saturday, we will deliver the bags on Thursday. If you have a special delivery request, please include it in the Special Instructions and we will email you to confirm.

  4. What else do I need to do after placing my order?
    MaddyBags makes this process as easy as possible for you. After you place your order, we will contact you via email 2 weeks prior to your event date to receive how many bags you want delivered to each hotel.

  5. How will I know everything is taken care of?
    Great question! We stay in touch throughout the process and will be in touch 4x:

    1st: We will send you a confirmation email once we have received your order
    2nd: We will send you a confirmation 7 days prior to your event to let you know all is good.
    3rd: We will confirm with you how many bags will go to each of your hotels.
    4th: We will send you pictures of your bags at each hotel delivery

    We know planning a wedding is stressful so we not only handle your welcome bags, but we do so with confidence so you don't need to spend 1 minute worrying about them!

  6. Why does the Custom Bag option say $10.00?
    The standard price for our bags is $10.00. This price includes the box, ribbon, custom label, crinkle paper, assembly and delivery. Each option you select during the Customize screen (drinks, snacks, sundries and stationary) will add to the per bag price which will be priced when you check out.